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Lord Nelson
Navy, is shot on the quarter deck of his flag ship, H.M.S. VICTORY at the height of the Battle of Trafalgar. He later dies from the mortal bullet wound. Despite this loss, the French and Spanish Fleets are roundly defeated in this epic sea engagement of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
October 21st, off Cape Trafalgar, near Cadiz in Spain. The two most powerful fleets in the world engage to decide who will master the waves, Britannia or Bonaparte? "Nelson confides that every man will do his duty". On the quarterdeck of the mighty British flagship, HMS Victory, the battle rages as England's most gifted Vice Admiral commands a fleet off 33 warships. They smash through the line of battle of the 33 French and Spanish vessels under Vice Admiral Villeneuve, dividing them into three segments. Nelson leads from the front aboard his friend, Captain Hardy's ship. Hardy stands over 6' tall. With more than 100 guns and eight hundred crew, HMS Victory is also a giant!

"Engage the enemy more closely" orders Nelson. Cannon fire, grapeshot, musket balls and deadly splinters of oak destroy all in their path. Victory's wheel is smashed to pieces, while the ship's officers calmly pace up and down in clear view of the enemy. John Scott (Nelson's secretary), is sliced in two by a cannon ball. His blood soaks the sandy deck and his body parts are thrown over the side. Hardy's silver buckle is torn from his left shoe. " This is too warm work Hardy, to last long" Nelson exclaims.

Horatio Nelson Mortally Wounded
The ships are raked with gunfire at close quarters, masts and rigging fall, Victory and Redoutable entangle side by side and exchange point blank gunfire. Hardy turns to see his commander fall to the deck on the exact spot where Scott was killed. The gold, bullion is torn from Nelson's epaulette, he has been shot through the left shoulder. His spine is broken and he knows he will not survive the fight.

Death of Nelson on H.M.S Victory
Napoleon's decisive victory against the Austrians and Russians at Austerlitz in early December will overshadow this disastrous defeat at sea but the Emperor's navy is ruined and will never recover! The greatest battle in British naval history is won, but a high price is paid with the lost limbs and lives of naval officers, sailors, marines, and England's brightest son, Horatio.

(Nelson is quoted in speech marks)